Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring has arrived! Granted, I'm still seeing patches of grimy, dirty snow in some shady areas and along the streets, but sprouting crocuses and daffodills tell me to say goodbye to winter.

To officially welcome the new season, I wore shorts on Saturday for the first time since the fall. Yes, it was chilly, and yes, I wore my giant blue puffy coat on top, but the change in clothes let my claustrophobic (and pale) legs get a little air.

I've been trying to take lots of walks lately, especially because my gym membership has been kaput for a month now. I wandered the East Village on Saturday, walked home from Time Out through Central Park on Sunday (from 77th to 138th - not bad) and explored Ft. Tyron Park yesterday. I needed to clear my head yesterday afternoon and headed north instead of the usual route to Central Park. Ft. Tyron is hilly and runs along the Hudson, and it was pretty relaxing, despite the traffic you can see on either side of the park.

I can't wait to get outside again today! It's about 70 outside and sunny. I'm hoping no one has noticed I didn't shave my legs, because I'm wearing a skirt - with no tights! Joy!

Coincidentally, or perhaps not, the weather coincides with my new resolution to wear sunblock on my face, neck and ears EVERY DAY. In the most recent issue of Self, I read an article about young women with skin cancer that scared me into action. I had no idea that young women are the fastest-growing group to be diagnosed with skin cancer. So now, every morning I'm slathering on face cream with SPF 30. So I'll be pale, but I'd take pastiness over cancer any day.


Blogger Beth said...

I bet you'll be less-wrinkly and less-saddlebaggy when we're old ladies together with lots of cats. Heading to Bali this weekend, but i promise to wear lots of block. Keep the skin demons away!

11:24 PM  

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